Welcome to Taku International.

Taku International (TI) is a global management and IT consulting firm that helps clients achieve success with business processes and the systems used to implement them. Our broad-based expertise can help you with a winning strategy, plan, and implementation of your IT needs. Our experience and knowledge covers strategic and enterprise systems all the way down to and including smart nodes (such as smart meters for utilities and other sensors for Smart Cities).

We also bring important worldwide expertise in systems and technologies that can benefit your company. Based on our in-depth experience and unique expertise in

  • The Americas, including the United States
  • Europe
  • Asia
  • Australia

We guide the design, implementation and roll-out of clients’ enterprise systems (e.g., SAP), operational systems (e.g., billing), and Internet of Things (IoT) systems, to meet new business needs and increase profit, while minimizing risk.

Our knowledge and expertise cross many sectors, with particular depth of expertise in the following business segments:

  • Energy
  • Financial Services

With extensive experience in enterprise systems, expertise with integration of all levels of systems in both private and public enterprises, the big picture vision of IoT, and implementation experience with evolving IoT standards (e.g., LoRa), Taku International is the partner you need to develop Smart Solutions for your internal business processes or your customers.

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