Taku International (TI) helps clients achieve success with deployment of technologies to support and improve business processes. Our broad-based expertise can help you refine your objectives, develop a winning strategy, and oversee the implementation to achieve those objectives.

Our experience covers strategic topics all the way down to advanced technology applications, such as smart meters for utilities, sensors for smart cities, blockchain technology, AI / machine learning, wearables, and robotics process automation.


TI can provide your organization with a range of services, including technology strategy development, implementation planning, and program & project management. Each member of our executive team is directly active in our consulting business. Each has a long and successful career including:

  • Facilitating the development and communication of organizational objectives
  • Developing strategies with our clients to successfully achieve those objectives
  • Developing detailed implementation roadmaps and plans for success
  • Actual implementation of solutions to achieve objectives

All are recognized experts on an international level. We do not accept applications; working with TI is by invitation only. Typical TI projects include any of the following areas:


In order to fulfil our mission, we have partnered with selected technology companies that can support the implementation of strategies that TI develops with our clients. For more information on how to partner with TI, please contact us.

We have key partners worldwide. Some examples include:


In order to develop tech innovations, we typically select one startup per year and provide them with seed money and advisory support. Other venture capital investors select dozens of startups, and only a limited number survive. We believe that a clear commitment to only one selected startup is a better strategy. Currently, our focus is in the following areas:

Tomorrow’s Technology, Today.

  • IoT

  • FinTech and PropTech

  • Blockchain

  • Robotics and automation

  • AI / machine learning

Gain Success With Taku International

We provide flexible project based or ongoing staffing, remote or on-site.


We are developing strategies and technologies for digital business processes in the financial services and financial technology (FinTech) areas. Additionally, we are linking together innovative new companies in these fields with traditional players in order to create competitive advantages for both. This includes the use of UAV, property technologies (PropTech) and AR.

We are committed to the “Energiewende” and create advanced solutions for the energy markets of the future. This includes the application of advanced billing systems, smart meter processes, state of the art algorithms for energy balancing, and big data applications for energy system maintenance.

We devise and implement technology strategies for care services. This includes advanced IoT-based elder care solutions and modern tele-medicine analysis solutions. We believe that new technologies will enable significant progress in the care service area in the near future.


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Please contact us and let us help you with your technology deployment needs, so that you can focus on your core competence.

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