Sample Projects

Software Development and Deployment

  • USA: Enterprise Software Development

Our team customized, implemented and deployed a proprietary learning management system (LMS) for a leading global financial institution, integrated with existing business processes. Managed in-house development of the core LMS platform. 

  • USA: Integration and Deployent of Acquired Software Platform

Our team managed the integration of acquired technology into our client's existing sofwatre platform, as well as subsequent product releases and deployments to clients, including Fortune 500 companies and government agencies in the US. 

  • Germany: SAP Implementation

SAP implementation for several municipal utilities

  • Hungary: SAP Software Development

SAP software development for several IT projects


Business Process and Project Management

  • USA: Implementation of a techology provider for renewable energy
  • USA: IoT/Wearables Strategy

​Management of engineering development and IoT/wearbles strategy development for med tech company.

  • Austria: IT Process Outsourcing

IT process outsourcing for a municipal utility

  • Germany: Smart Meter Rollout

Management of a smart meter rollout for a large muti-national utilities company

  • Germany: Implementation of an IoT network
  • Germany: IT Project Management

Project management in several IT projects for a leading home loan company

  • Poland: Biomass Facility

Implementation of a pellet production facility incl. all processes and systems

  • Ireland: Processing of an IoT RFI
  • Sri Lanka: Renewable Energy

On behalf of our client, our team conducted the planning of a renewable energy project


  • Germany: SAP

Our team provided SAP training for a leading bank. 

  • Brazil:  SAP

Our team provided SAP trainings for utilities.

  • MENA: Agile Methodologies

Our team provided training in agile software development and software project management, as well as in agile business planning. 


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